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  1. Hi Mike and Chris just wanted to say thanks again for everything. The Streetpro Quadzilla exhaust is awesome as well as the stage 7 jet kit. I am very impressed with the power that my max has now, a huge difference compared to the Cobra slip on slash cuts, They sound amazing. To anyone out there thinking of purchasing these pipes. STOP THINKING AND JUST DO IT! As always the quality of the products that I have purchased from UFO is the best out there, not to mention the service is A+++ Thanks For everything Mike and Chris

  2. I ordered a set of ProStreets for my 94’ Max. I had read that they are on the loud side… you are not kidding!! I have to short-shift around the neighborhood in 3rd gear as to not upset toooooo many people. These pipes sound like a muscle car V-8 when accelerating. They BARK!!

  3. Hi Guys,
    Just fitted a set of your StreetPro Slash Cut pipes to my ’98 Vmax and I have to say I’ve created a monster…earth shattering they are and I’m very happy. You workmanship is great and it all went together without a hitch.
    Off to the drags tomorrow so should be a whole lot of fun.

  4. Just got the exhaust installed with a stage 7 kit . The neighbors bitched about the hounds now they will have something else to bitch . It sounds awesome !

  5. Jon,
    Your pipes set off the car alarm at less than 4k RPM. Peoples heads turned and kids cried when they heard my new ride. Your pipes, bars and everything transformed my bike into a F***EN Rocket. I’ll send you some more stuff soon when I finally land on earth again. People don’t know until they hear it.. They have no idea what the VMax can sound like until they hear it with your pipes. Holy Shit Jon. Holy Shit…
    It was like a Disneyland ride with a grown up Selena Gomez. :-)



  6. I kicked around the idea of getting an exhaust system from Jon and finally, after talking with him, I pulled the trigger and got the UFO Dragstar with the classic megaphone 4 into 1. WOW. Now the bike not only looks tough, it growls like a tiger with a thorn in its paw. I love the sound but I am going to be ordering a SBD end cap to tame it down some. Gotta keep my neighbors happy as well as the wife and kid, who by the way took off running scared when I started it after having the pipe put on!

    I got the stage 1 dynojet kit put in as well. The bike tested 120 HP on the dyno with about 80 ft/lbs torque. Not sure if the torque reading is good or bad, but my bike is definetly on a different level now. Next up, rim and new scoops. Thank you all at UFO for making such quality products here in the USA.

    Semper Fidelis,


  7. My story goes like this. I am the only owner of a 01′ Max and rode with a lot of Harley guys and just hated the fact that although very fast the bike sounded weak. So after 10 years and only 7k mi on my bike I decided to make a change. Searched the net for pipes and whatever else I needed to make my bike not so whimpy sounding. Came up with UFO, listened to all the pipes, then decided to get in contact with UFO because I had questions. Jon Cornell responded to me within hours and gave me a cell number to call him if i felt I wanted to and I did, my concern was how would I know if my local shop could set the bike up so I got the maximum performance out of what I was buying, he told me he was not sure but offered the service from his shop. So i decided if i was going to do it I wanted it done by the guy who bleeds V-Max. So the arrangements where made and I drove from NJ to Ohio, to have the work done. Jon and his staff Vincent ,Maria, and Mike were more than accommodating,and if you own a Max you MUST make the trip. No taking the bike into a shop that you can’t see the work being done I was invited to hang with them in the shop while they did the work, I was like a kid in a candy store and they answered every, and all of my questions and then some it was F**kin awesome and Jon even took me to his private museum of the coolest collection of bikes and cars and just cool stuff. I purchased the following stuff: custom Seat, 4 – 2 exhaust, stage 7 jet kit, K & N filter set up, and chrome scoops. Now the bike runs like she is uncorked and pissed off (kinda like my first girlfriend) but it looks and feels like new. Not only have I put on more miles in the three months since the work, than I rode all last year, I have so many stories but the best so far is I got pulled over by a cop because he wanted see the bike and hear it run, the bike turns everyone’s head, even old freekin ladies. The only bad thing is the back tire keeps wearing out I need a new one already. Other than buying the bike in the first place this was the best thing I have done.I will be buying more items soon and I can’t wait. Once again thanks Jon

  8. Exhaust fitted, after some initial confusion! Thermostat sorted!
    OK ignition on, press starter bike barks into life first time. I have got to compliment you on your magnificence. My 86′ gen 1 max now sounds F!#@ING awesome. Running standard fueling + filter at the moment, (can’t wait to jet the carbs and fit K&N), can feel the increase in power already. Have run the old girl out several times and heads turn everywhere I go. Went to see a fellow vmax rider who has been giving me grief about spending what he calls (too much money) on an exhaust, chucked him the keys and off he went, returning after about 15mins with a big grin across his face and a lot of what can only be described as ENVY!. Ran it past my MOT tester today he said “I’ve no problem with that.” LIFE’S GOOD ! Much recommendations to anyone who asks and directions to UFO performance products website. Keep up the excellent work …ken.

  9. John,
    I want to thank you for helping me with the puchase of my street pro slash cut 4:2 exhaust for my 2005 Anniversary Edition Max. I had a friend do the install at his bike shop. I had him do the carb tuning with the stage 1 jet kit and the K&N air filter all at once since I have never tuned carbs before. I also had him leave the Vboost open all the time. All I can say is Holy Shit! This thing is bad ass! The Vmax in its stock form is fast. Now that the work has been done, there is a noticable improvment in power. I think the sound from 4000-8000 rpm really sounds like a small block with a hot cam. Higher revs bring it back to motorcycle sound again. I had a Harley rider come up next to me at a stop light and comment on my “obnoxious pipes”. He didn’t care for them too much, probably casue he couldn’t hear his own bike. Oh well! Thanks again John, it was well worth the purchase.

  10. Hi John having fitted my new slash cut pipe with new studs,nuts and gaskets it sounds amazing. I took it for its yearly MOT certificate today and they said the pipes were illegal in the uk but (in his words) sound fuckin amazing so who gives a shit, what a top man.I took it down the road today for the first time and still have a huge grin on my face, it is loud and fast all i have done is have the vboost switched on all the time and left it at that.It runs a dream. Nice work you guys it fitted without a millimeter to spare i love it,Well done from me and i will spread the word and will buy all my cool bits from you in the future (money and wife permiting) You should all be proud of yourselves top work !!!!!! cheers

  11. Jon
    Last spring you installed your quadzilla exhaust and a stage 1 jet kit on my 2006 vmax. My buddy and I drove up from Fort Wayne, IN on a chilly Saturday morning and got treated like family. I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality. It was by far the best purchasing experience and best customer service I have ever experienced. The quality of your products along with the care and attention to detail employed in their installation are second to NO ONE. The pipes still look like new, sound awesome and turn heads everywhere I go.
    Thanks for great service and superior products.
    Richard McPeek

    Ps thank you for letting us look around the shop like that we still talk about how cool of an experience it was

  12. I have the Quadzilla with a stage 7 jet kit and true forced air system. on my 05, My bike is amazine. I love the power and thrust it has, My Friends Hate being behind me, The Quadzilla’s are LOUD but they do sound awsome.. But hey Loud pipes save lifes. And people definitly hear me from blocks away. LOL

  13. This past year, christmas came early for me. My father insisted I pick out exhaust for my 1997 vmax. I choose the entire system with the qualdzilla’s. Little did I know, with this system installed how much authority my bike would have. This sound is totally awesome! Hits like a small block chevy with a .600 cam.. Seriously I ride around town and set car alarms off with it! I plan on making a video of it here soon and putting it on youtube.

  14. Jon! I cant thank you enough! I bought the 4-2 street pro slash cuts and have had them on a week now. Wow is all i can think of to say! I wish i could give you a high five. Thanks again for a great product, and even better service.

  15. Yes! Yes! and YES!
    Like Jon said, it’s only exhaust that have made just for a VMAX. I really mean the sound, quality and the POWER for high rews that the 4-2-1 exhaust made for me is awesome!
    And the communication with Jon is so pleasant. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!

  16. Let me tell you a little story about Jon Cornell and UFO. I purchased the slashcut exhaust for my 2005 VMax last spring. Jon stepped me through the jetting process last year, and now after the PA winter is finally over, I had a slight problem with my bike because I didn’t drain the gas out of the floats of my carbs, (all my fault). I didn’t know what to do, so I called Jon, and on a Sunday he took time away from his family, (who other than Jon would do that) took the time out and stepped me through a trouble shooting process to fix it! I would, and I do recommend Jon and his UFO company to anyone and everyone!!!!

  17. Tell ya what I was not liking the style of my Kerker tip because of the brushed aluminum look and well it just didnt fit the look I had wanted for my bike. I called Jon and as always not only did he help with what I needed but just good conversation between two guys that have never met other than over the phone. But Jon set me up with a slash cut tip for my kerker set up, hindsight 20/20 I should have bought his in the first place hands down!! OMG the sound is totaly vicious and my harley buddies have to cover their ears to ride with me lol cry babies. They will just have to suck it up and listen to the sound of horsepower and not just the sound valves banging through thier pipes!

    Jon brother thank you so much.

  18. I was in the market for a new exhaust for my 04 Gen1, something to make it sound as mean as the bike looks. After doing a lot of research, I found the DragStar 4-1. After reading up on UFO, and talking to Jon, I knew this was the system for me. The exhaust bolted on like a dream and the sound is unmatched!!! I can’t wait for this Alberta winter to dissipate so that I can get out on the road. Thanks for all the help Jon.



  19. To anyone who is thinking about getting these pipes…. STOP THINKING AND DO IT!!! I installed the 4-2 Street- Pro Slash cuts on my `97 and haven’t looked back! It took me about 2 1/2 hours and most of that time was getting the old bulky and heavy stock system off. The sound is unbelievable and well just plain ANGRY!! I have had people literally about falling out of their vehicles rubber necking to see what was making that roar! Let me just say it sounds like you are sitting on top of a Pro stock race car!

  20. I bought the street pro slash cut for my 07 vmax a couple of weeks ago and I’m really happy with it so far. I haven’t had the chance to ride it because I’m waiting for snow to melt but it fit like a glove when installing, and just sounds excellent! It really adds to the look of the bike too I couldn’t be happier, and Jon was really helpful during the process answering any and all questions. I would recommend one of these systems to anyone

  21. Thank you again Jon, by the way the exhaust you sold me a few months ago for my gen 1 vmax is fantastic it draws attention everytime I pull into a bike meet.

  22. Jon, installed exhaust this morning, I have only 1 comment – excellent, really, fell into place in a couple of hours, most of the time was spent thinking! you have to have faith in the fabricator with jobs like that, feeling your pride in the system I was sure it would fall into place – it did. I bet some long hours were spent perfecting it! Putting the center stand back was the hardest part, had to get wife to help!

    I could tell you the quality of the welds etc is very good, but I don’t need to, you know that :-)

    Will fit carbs when I get the time (& inclination!) will let you know how it goes…

    Have a great weekend

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