UFO Vmax MaxDaddy™ Rear Wheel

The UFO Vmax MaxDaddy™ 17″ or 18″ Rear Wheel is designed to match the newer version stock front Vmax wheel. These wheels come complete with hub assembly, including bearings and seals. These wheels will slide right on the stock swing arm with “zero” alterations and can handle up to a 190 rear tire! The MaxDaddy™ coupled with a chromed stock front wheel make the least expensive way to get radials on the Vmax, not to mention they look phenomenal! Check out the images below and see for yourself.

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MaxDaddy Black Red Stripe
MaxDaddy Black Red Stripe
MaxDaddy Black Red Stripe Rear
MaxDaddy Black Red Stripe Rear
MaxDaddy Rear and Stock Front
MaxDaddy Rear Close Up
MaxDaddy Rear Left
MaxDaddy Rear
MaxDaddy Compared
MaxDaddy rear
UFO MaxDaddy left red
UFO MaxDaddy rear
UFO MaxDaddy rt on bike
UFO MaxDaddy rt red
UFO MaxDaddylft on bike
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Damon Ferraiuolo - Laura is flying...
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UFO Vmax MaxDaddy™ Rear Wheel — 2 Comments

  1. For the thousands who have already purchased the Max Daddy wheel and upgraded to radials, read no further. You already know this. For those remaining, who beg the question “Is it really worth it?” Listen up!

    Let’s start with a simple question. “How do you improve a legendary icon without offending a legion of faithful followers?”

    The answer is simple. Hire Jon Cornell and his team at UFO. Some say he trained at Area 51 in the 70’s and lifted technology from little green men. Some say he’s “CDO” and “perfection” is 3 steps below what he aims for in his designs. All I know is that everything I’ve purchased from him is flawless and worth every penny. This wheel is no exception.

    Let’s break it down:

    I’m initially struck by just how “stock” this wheel looks. That’s not a bad thing guys. In fact a good designer may say that it just goes to prove that it “belongs” on this bike. I would also venture to say that if the engineers had Jon Cornell on their team when they originally designed the mighty Gen 1, this is the wheel you would have received when you bought the bike. It’s light, it’s strong, it has attitude and it matches the front wheel, just like it should.

    I have a 2007, with the factory black wheels and red stripe. It was critical that the paint match. UFO delivered. You would swear the black was swiped from Yamaha when they weren’t looking and the red stripe is dead on.

    Installation couldn’t be simpler and there are a wide range of options available on this wheel. I’d wager the guys at UFO could hook you up with just about anything you’re looking for here. Oh yeah! Check this out – You can run up to a 190 rear tire with no mods to the swing arm. How cool is that? Good luck trying that on your Sportster! Want to go wider? The guys at UFO can hook you up with that too!

    I chose a 180-18 for my ride. It fills the rear fender in a way that screams “business end” without looking overdone. It also keeps the gear ratios very close to stock. Add the UFO Starfighter seat, UFO Drag Bars and 1” Riser and you’re finally getting that hot hourglass shape that’s worked for decades. Doubt me? Think Coke Bottle – Better yet – Corvette Stingray. Now let’s add the words “Timeless” and “Iconic”. Gentlemen this is no accident – these guys know what they’re doing.

    So what about handling performance? Does it really make a difference? Three words – “Day and Night”. I rode 23K miles on the stock bias tires. They were heavy, slow to react and they gave that sense of riding on a “rubberized knife blade”. If you pushed them too far, you’re begging for trouble.

    I just chalked it up to what everyone said about the poor handling characteristics of the Gen 1 and I settled into the routine of dealing with uneven tread wear, short life, low grip and lackluster handling. When confronted by skeptical rivals, riding on newer technology, I often found myself defending my bike with straight-line performance and legendary heritage. That ends today. The Max is back!

    Think surfing without the ability to fall. This set up is so smooth. The grip is unreal. The balance is blissful. The feedback is instant. Everything reacts with the slightest intent and the road becomes your servant.

    So is it really worth it? Oh yeah – worth every penny! My build continues – Where’s yours?

  2. Jon,
    You have now received the official seal of approval of my new UFO wheels from Laura!
    We spent this past week riding the Tennessee & North Carolina area for our annual fall color tour. While running the dragon Extreme Sport Photography shot some photos of Laura’s seal of approval (checkout the thumbs-up) I’m truly amazed as to how well these wheels handle. I should have done this modification ten years ago! See the attached photos.

    PS: I really think Laura was having a good time also!

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