UFO Vmax Air Frame™ Wheels

Custom Vmax wheels manufactured exclusively for UFO Performance Products. Exacting tolerances, superb fit and finish at an affordable price. Every wheel shown is available for the Yamaha VMAX. Available in 17″ and 18″ sizes. Modular design allows the center section to be changed further reducing the price on changing styles later.

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AirframeAirFrame rt closeAirframe topAirframe frt rightAirframe front lftAirframe lftAir Frame Rear WheelAirframe RearAirframe Chrome FrontAirframe Chrome FrontAir FramesAir FramesAir Frames

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To purchase this item now please go to our PLANETVMAX STORE.


UFO Vmax Air Frame™ Wheels — 2 Comments

  1. By the way, I CANNOT believe how ridiculously fast dads bike looks, and runs. It pulls on everyone like they are tied 2 tree stumps. Nice work, excellent craftmenship.

  2. I own a set of these unique wheels for my ’85 VMax and get compliments on them every time I ride. They are the same excellent quality I get with every purchase I make from Jon Cornell. Before long, my VMax will be more UFO than Yamaha! These wheels have allowed me to step up to riding on radials with wheels you don’t see at every stop light. Best of the best- I recommend without reservation.

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